Home Management

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Home Management

Our Home Management is A+ as we adapt to all your needs whether you’re away for a few days, weeks or months. Our clients have in-trusted us to enter their homes and run water, start motorcycles & cars to keep batteries charged, we can also grab the essentials from grocery store upon your arrival.

Services Options Basic Plan:

  • Home Inspections Interior and Exterior of Home
  • Turn Water on and off  after departure and before arrival
  • Set Thermostat
  • Secure Home
  • Water Heater temp set
  • Home Reports

Service Options Premier Plan (includes all Basic options):

  • Vehicle Starts to prevent dead batteries
  • Move and clean off outdoor furniture before and after arrival
  • Home Visits for contractors (Contractor Scheduling)

Extra Services Available

    • Window Cleaning
    • Airport Shuttles
    • Grocery Shopping before arrival using Fry’s Checklist.

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