Pool Drain Service


Why would you need a pool drain? Part of being a pool owner is managing the quality of the water. There are several factors that would cause you to drain your pool. Most commonly, it’s due to high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). TDS may consist of items such as leaves, minerals, sunscreen, dust and pool-maintenance chemicals. Over time, TDS increases and when you reach a level of 2500 ppm, you start to lose the ability to balance the pool water. This will cause you to add more chemicals unnecessarily. In some cases, your pool will need to be drained completely in order to clean it out of any build up and allow you to start with a clean base chemically. Draining your pool is the perfect opportunity to do any necessary repairs, complete a full-service cleaning or acid wash, and get your tile cleaned. It is recommended to do a chlorine wash or acid wash when draining your pool as a preventive maintenance item to keep your pool running at its peak efficiency, as well as making sure your pool is safe and chemically balanced.

When to do a Pool Drain?

Depending on the quality of your fill water and the quality of chemicals you typically add, you should expect to drain your pool every 3 to 5 years. Make sure not to Drain the pool when the outside air temperature is less than 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the Arizona climate, it is only recommended to drain the pool during the fall and winter months while the weather is cooler. This is also the most convenient time since you likely won’t be able to use your pool anyway with the colder weather. A pool drain can be a difficult task for pool owners because to drain a pool you will need a submersible pump, may need to contact local municipalities and need to remove the trippers from your pump and pool light.

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Pool Drain Service
A man is cleaning the pool ground with a pressure pump