Get Yelp Reviews Past Filters

How to Help Customers Become More Legitimate for the Yelp Review Filter

If the Yelp Review Filter is trying to filter your customer reviews from people that are not real as spam, help your customers through the filter by instructing them to complete their profile and start leaving reviews regularly. Ask them to invest in creating a real Yelp footprint – and get the benefit of the leading local review site.

A few things to help your customers get past the Yelp Review Filter:

  1. Write a bunch of Yelp reviews. Take 10 local businesses and leave Yelp reviews for them. Your favorite local businesses will thank you and you’ve done good in the world by helping them. But remember, Yelp wants real people giving real reviews. Not every experience is positive and your Yelp reviews should run the spectrum from 1-5 stars.
  2. Connect your account to Facebook. It’s more trouble, and more likely that you are real.
  3. Make friends. Use Facebook or Email to quickly send invites to lots of friends on Yelp. You might be surprised how many friends you back. Then interact with their reviews by marking them Useful, Funny, etc. Yelp accounts with friends are more likely to be real.
  4. Download the Yelp app and Check-In. If you are hooked up to a mobile phone, it’s more likely that you are real.
  5. Leave tips. Show that you are about more than just review scores.
  6. Take time. You don’t go from 0-100 reviews in a weekend. Give it some time to build your reputation before you give that coveted Yelp review that makes a difference. Plus it doesn’t look real to go from 0-50 in a night.

What You Can Do to Help Reviews Go Through the Yelp Filter

There are some easy things you can do to help reviews go through the dreaded Yelp filter. Interact with the Yelp reviewer.

  • Add the reviewer as a friend
  • Send the reviewer a message
  • Respond to the review (which you should do for all Yelp reviews anyway)
  • Vote the review as “Useful” or “Funny” or both

These are things completely under your control and you should do for every positive review. You should also have someone else in your organization to them. The more the merrier. There are also things you can ask your customers to do to create the type of profile that would not get filtered.


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